I find myself returning to the hobby after a long absence. Not as long an absence as the silence on the blog would suggest, but long enough. It's the Age of Sigmar release that has drawn me back in. Back to the hobby and especially back to Games Workshop's properties, after a laundry list of dalliances with other systems. This return hasn't been a straight line though, and the future is going to follow a very different path to what has preceded it.


I have never really been a gamer. I play rarely, and while I do enjoy gaming, it has not been where the bulk of my hobby time has been spent. My hobby past is littered with half finished army projects, leaps into different gaming systems, and growing piles of unpainted models. It's certainly not filled with tournament worthy forces that have rampaged over the tabletop. The glorious victories and crushing defeats I've had in the course of my gaming career can be counted up in fairly short order, with the later outweighing the former by some margin. It's not this failure that keeps me from gaming, it's just not the part of the hobby that interests me the most (Something I'm not alone in, according to Games Workshop's latest numbers1). Instead it has always been the story, the models, and the artwork that has captured me. It's not been the rules, and yet I have always behaved as if it has been. This dissonance has been the cause of many of my separations from the hobby.


Creating A Retinue - Conversions Or Not?

Looking over the Games Workshop website, in-between moments of rage at how clunky the interface is, and mourning the loss of so many Specialist Games models, I was reminded that their are still a few models on there that I like and that would look good in INQ28. I'll go into the specifics of which models in the next post (when they'll hopefully have arrived from various places), but before that it makes sense to talk about what I'll be converting, what I'll be leaving alone, and why. But first, avenues of purchase.

With GW having cleared its virtual shelves recently, as well as the run of the mill removal of models as they are replaced, there are more than a few models that I remember fondly that are no longer around other than via eBay. There are of course still some older models on the webstore that I like, but there is a trust issue there. Many of the models have a number of variant sculpts, and with GW being unable to guarantee which model will be supplied I am once again forced to eBay, where you at least get a picture of exactly what is being offered (remember to check you're getting backpacks etc though). So when I know it's just the one model I'll be going via GW, if it's up for debate, or I need something rare, it's time to search the webs.


Wyrd At GenCon - Store Now Live

The Wyrd Store is now open for Gen Con Orders. Go throw your money at them. Watch put for shipping charges though.


Forge World - Legio Cybernetica

I was going to have this post be on the Space Marine release rumours/pictures, but it looks like there is still more to come, and it's all over the web anyway. I'll talk Marines when the pre orders go up, and I can see some 360° shots.

Instead let's take a look at the two Forge World releases that the Space Marine rumours are overshadowing.

Both are from the forthcoming Horus Heresy Book, Massacre, and hail from the Legio Cybernetica. Let's start with the bigger model...

Castellax Battle-Automata - £36

Not too badly priced, when you get the arms in the kit, and a plastic Dreadnought is £28. 

I really like this model, it looks imposing, the mechanal parts look workable and I like the grabby claws. My favourite touch is the skull at the centre of the model, giving it an off centre focus, and a nice bit of grimdark. 

I tempted to say it borrow a little from Warmachine Warjack's but I think that's just the shoulderpads. It's certainly more balanced it its proportions than PP's models. 

The weapon feed at the rear looks serious stuff (lets face it, that's where it's gonig to be picked up/handled.) The back of the generator looks great as well, which is all for the good, as it's the kind of portion that sometimes gets skimmed on.


Wyrd At Gen Con 2013

Wyrd have released details of some of what will be on sale during Gen Con.

First up, and of most interest of veterans of Wyrd's Gen Con extravaganza, is the Nightmare Edition model(s), which this year is the Herald Of Obliteration box set. Yours for $80.