·Wrath·Of·Kings·Unboxing· ·Pelegarth·Bloodmasks·

And now for the potentially problematic part of the Nasier Starter Box, the Pelegarth Bloodmasks.

As the picture above shows the Bloodmasks are mostly nude, something which sets off alarm bells about whether or not Wrath of Kings is a game I want to play. Clearly I have decided that it is, and that I am happy running Bloodmasks in my force. I have two main reasons here.

Firstly that their nudity is at least mentioned (if not completely rationalised) in the background.
"With their skin as tough as stone and their near immunity to pain, Bloodmasks  and ordinary armour just an irritating encumbrance. In addition, as ‘shock troops’ Bloodmasks derive great amusement from the disconcerting effect their near nudity has on their enemies" - Taken from the Pelegarth Bloomasks unit entry in the Wrath of Kings rulebook.
Secondly that the models are a far cry from having the usual exaggerated proportions generally seen on female wargaming models, and instead are sculpted as a far more realistic representation of the female form. It takes the models a much needed step away from just being cheesecake and instead leaves them looking as though they could do some serious harm on the battlefield.

It's worth saying that not all models in Wrath of Kings take this approach and there are some that do fall more towards a more dubious end of the spectrum. Anyway, on with the review...

·Wrath·Of·Kings·Unboxing· ·Ashmen·Hakars·

The Ashmen Hakars lead the Ashmen in battle. Thanks to Wrath of Kings' rules and army building system they are not attached to the Ashmen in the same way that a Space Marine Sergeant is attached to his squad. Instead they take a role far more in line with that of an Independent Character (which is very much a simplification, but it'll do for now).

The Hakars share the same general body, but are differentiated by their heads and weaponry.

·Wrath·Of·Kings·Unboxing· ·Ashmen·

With the General Unboxing out of the way it's time to move onto the specifics of the House Nasier Starter Box. Above are pictured the 12 Ashmen included in the starter box. You'll find my opinion on the models at the end of the post.

The Ashmen are based on three different body types, which are varied thanks to each body having two different weapons options (including the banner).  (Note there are only the parts needed to make 12 models with nothing left over. I do not mean to imply you'll be filling your bits box up with 12 sets of arms).

The figure comes individually bagged, so there should be no confusion of parts. Below you can see the three different body types with one weapon option a piece, loose arms, and at the top of the picture their back spikes. You can also clearly see the pegs on the feet which are used instead of Games Workshop's slot system.


·Wrath·Of·Kings·Unboxing· ·Scale·

The starter sets for Wrath of Kings all contain models of various sizes. Above can be seen the contents of the House Nasier set, compared with a Space Marine.

·Wrath·Of·Kings·Unboxing· ·Bases·

The bases supplied with Wrath of Kings are unusual enough to deserve their own post outside of the unboxing post.

The picture above shows a 50mm, 40mm, and 30mm base. As can be seen on the left hand base, the bases are recessed rather than flat. They are also have a considerably smoother finish than other sorts of bases.

·Wrath·Of·Kings·Unboxing· ·General·

This post will be taking a slightly different format to my previous reviews, acting as a hub for reviewing all five Starter Boxes for Wrath of Kings.

This post will cover general unboxing, with ancillary posts covering bases and the scale of the models. You can find my post comparing the starter boxes here. I'll be adding link to specific unit review as they are posted.